Tips to Write a Brilliant Coursework

College and university students are required to do coursework as part of their academic activities. It is meant to test their academic prowess. Unlike examinations, coursework affords students the chance to work outside the exam room and absorb themselves from the intense pressure that comes with exams. For several reasons, some students don’t perform well in exams; coursework helps them secure some good marks. That notwithstanding, writing coursework can be challenging, despite the allocation of enough time to it for completion. The time-space is also to ensure that students present quality and professional work.

To write good coursework, you need first to plan it, research the topic, gather enough information, and put up high writing skills. For the best results it’s recommended to visit Rank My Service and find out where you can get help with the coursework writing. This write-up is to guide you on how to come up with a masterpiece.


Some coursework takes the form of academic work or essay since the objectives of assigning such works differs. If the piece looks like a project or extended essay, follow the same steps in writing projects. After a topic is assigned, research it thoroughly to get enough information for your work and also understand the basics of the subject. Afterward, analyze the information gathered and sort them into the level of relevance.

  1. English

Most of the English coursework looks like an extended essay. You are assigned topics to select one or allowed to choose one on your own. From there, you have the responsibility to develop the decided topic and structure it accordingly.

  1. Geography

Geography coursework mostly centers on data gathering and analyzing the data to answer certain geographical occurrences. So, you may be asked to study and analyze the rate of earthquakes in a specific country.

  1. Sciences

Coursework in the science fields is mostly specific scientific experiments assigned students with an expected outcome. Students must work on these projects and report what came out of them. 

Guideline for writing coursework

You can assume coursework as extended academic projects and follow the guidelines of the same. The rule applied to coursework include:

  • Zero tolerance to plagiarism

Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated in the academic cycles. In this current world where information abounds, doing thorough research can arm you with enough content to come up with your own piece. Everything you write should be in your own words or reference where necessary.

  • Seek guidance from your teacher

As students are assigned supervisors during academic work, you can also seek help from your teacher when doing coursework. In times of difficulties, the best person to go to is your teacher. With their experience, they know what is expected of you per the standards of the examiners. If possible, your teacher can go through your first draft and propose changes to be made.

  • Word count

Every assigned coursework comes with a strict minimum and maximum word count. This guideline should for followed to prevent being penalized. When in doubt, seek help. You should also confirm whether sections like the bibliographies, footnotes, and appendices form part of the word count.

Selecting a topic

In most cases, students are given a list of topics to select from. However, there are cases where you are allowed to come up with your own topic. Whatever scenario you find yourself in, choose a topic that interests you. Such a topic makes the writing more manageable and enjoyable as you already know where to get enough information for the project. That aside, the topic should be something exciting and narrow in scope. Choosing a subject with a broad scope can disrupt your work by making research difficult and exceeding the word count.

The research

After selecting a topic, the next thing is to place your research. The research can take different forms, either online or offline. For offline research, you can fall on your university’s library, read books, literature, reviews, and releases relating to the topic. For online sources, you need to be careful about the websites you use and verify the information obtained before using them. Websites like google scholar, Google Book, Science.gov, and Microsoft Academic, among others, are creditable.

Writing the project

Excellent writing skill is required when writing coursework. After the research, you must put the pieces of information together to make sense to the examiner. For example, when writing science coursework, you need to analyze data and interpret your results using scientific language. The same also applies to working on English projects.

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